by Michael John Neill

Every day on our blog http://genealogytipoftheday.blogspot.com I post a new genealogy how to tip.

Each tip is short, concise and to the point. They are also based upon my own personal research.

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Michael John Neill has been actively involved in genealogical research for nearly thirty years. A nationally known lecturer, he has given seminars across the United States and lectured at Samford University's Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research and the former Genealogical Institute of Mid-America. He has also recorded over twenty how-to genealogy webinars--all reasonably priced and available for immediate download.

Michael also writes the how-to newsletter, Casefile Clues.

Want to bring Michael to lecture for your society or present your annual seminar? Email mjnrootdig@gmail.com for additional details.

Getting the tips is free--there is no charge. Suggestions for tips can be sent to Michael John Neill at michael.john.neill@gmail.com .

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